Still Alive

Yep, I’m still alive. So last year I started developing another of my pet project, TRG. Its a small collection of relflex based minigames. Coding was not much of an issue, I ended up spending more time experimenting with various UI designs in a bid to improve my “design skillz”.

After I had 6 minigames in, and settled on a UI design, I got caught up with my day time job. Participated in a bunch of Blackberry hackathons to earn some extra quick bucks, then was spending time clearing up my work in the office while in transit to a new company.

Before I start work with the new company, I had almost 3 weeks worth of break in the month of March 2013. I thought i would utilize this period to finish up TRG, but nooooo, procrastination got the better of me. Long breaks are bad for me appearently, moderation is crucial.

After settling down with the new company, I was rushing quite a fair bit to get my initial tasks up and running, thus clocking quite a bit of overtime. During this period, a new game idea struck me. Many game ideas strike me all the time, but this one struck hard. I told myself, if I want to work on this idea, I would need to seriously dedicate time to finish up TRG and thus now, TRG is back in development.

First step was replacing the UI art assets because I wasnt really pleased with the previous design. I chose the wrong color scheme and instead of looking light hearted and cheery, it looked under saturated and dull. The new design isnt perfect (i’m not a gfx designer afterall), and the asset replacement was like a cheapskate effort, but this was just an attempt get the ball start rolling again.

Next thing I would have to think up of a few more minigames. This game is going to be Ad supported, and i would love to experiment with implementing IAP for ad removal. Hopefully finishing up the project before August ( im only working during off office time).

The next game will be a substantial one, it will be more of an actual game when compared to Rotapix or TRG. For now i’ll name it SLIDE, because i love giving codenames in case you havent figured by now.

I know this entire post is like me making excuses for my slow progress, but ah well… Wish me luck, whoever is reading this from whichever part of the cyberspace.

PS: i seriously need to figure out how to block all these spam bots from trying to post on my wordpress.