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Update on Singularity


The Level Editor

Its been a while, while I had the core gameplay down pretty early in the development, following by a little more time developing additional tile mechanics as well as coming up with several design directions, I have been spending the last month and a half designing levels.

Due to the unsophisticated level editor i built into the game itself, i was able to play test my designs pretty easily. Problem lies in data output. Right now after confirming a level, I have to write it down in my notebook.
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A Little Update For the Winds….

Well, the development for TRG has ceased, for a good reason. I had the opportunity to demostrate a 80% completed version of the game to the owners of a game development studio, for some odd reason they had taken a liking to it and decided to buy over the project from me. So now its in their hands, and whether the game will see light of day is not exactly up to me.
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Preparing for Cross App promotion

Was looking into responsive web design… CSS building is really not my cuppa tea. So had to look for existing template which i can “borrow”. Found one and created this: Responsive App Promo Page. i’ll be adding a button in my games that will open up a webview to this page which will link them to my other games! then ???? PROFIT!

Oh, also note to self, Responsinator is a useful site for testing responsive website designs. :)

And I’ll seriously need to figure out how to block bots from posting comments on this site…


Objective-C Singleton Class

Using this SynthsizeSingleton.h to create a singleton class in obj-c.

Include the .h into project.


into the ClassName.h.

And add


into ClassName.m.

That…should be about it. Unless i missed some stuff out…. will look over…

oh You can then call the class by using

[[ClassName sharedClassName] someProperty];


Cocos2d Pop Scene With Transition

Pasting this here for my future reference. Originated from the cocos2d-iphone forum.

Add this to CCDirector.h, just after the declaration -(void)popScene (line 402):

- (void) popSceneWithTransition: (Class)c duration:(ccTime)t;

Then add this to CCDirector.m, just after the definition of -(void)popScene (line 768):

-(void) popSceneWithTransition: (Class)transitionClass duration:(ccTime)t {
    NSAssert( runningScene_ != nil, @"A running Scene is needed");
    [scenesStack_ removeLastObject];
    NSUInteger c = [scenesStack_ count];
    if( c == 0 )
        [self end]; 
        CCScene* scene = [transitionClass transitionWithDuration:t scene:[scenesStack_ objectAtIndex:c-1]];
        [scenesStack_ replaceObjectAtIndex:c-1 withObject:scene]; nextScene_ = scene; 

You can call the method like this:

[[CCDirector sharedDirector] popSceneWithTransition:[CCSlideInRTransition class] duration:0.5f];

Adwhirl and Cocos2d-iPhone

I had previously meddled with iAd implementation in a cocos2d project before, so implementing it in ROTATE (a game project in progress) was simply copy-pasta. Then an issue was discovered as I researched into mobile ad networks: iAd is not as efficient as I hoped and it is not available for apps worldwide (it is limited to some countries as of now). Since I am looking to release both DROP and ROTATE to be free and ad-supported games, I need an effective solution. Adwhirl, that’s what I came across. It mediates ad banners from different networks and put them into your app.
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Game Center: Leaderboard

My project Drop, which has been in development for almost a year, is being stalled due to various reasons. Pretty much stuck on the artistic side of stuffs, but it will be completed. Meanwhile I have already began work on another game project, one thats based on a much simpler premise and I foresee a development time of no more than a month.
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