Adwhirl and Cocos2d-iPhone

I had previously meddled with iAd implementation in a cocos2d project before, so implementing it in ROTATE (a game project in progress) was simply copy-pasta. Then an issue was discovered as I researched into mobile ad networks: iAd is not as efficient as I hoped and it is not available for apps worldwide (it is limited to some countries as of now). Since I am looking to release both DROP and ROTATE to be free and ad-supported games, I need an effective solution. Adwhirl, that’s what I came across. It mediates ad banners from different networks and put them into your app.

Here’s a simplified rundown

– Register with the various ad networks
–  Download each of their frameworks/sdk/apis
– Register with Adwhirl
– Download Adwhirl’s SDK
– Implement the relevant codes for Adwhirl and import the supported ad networks files*
– Configure the ad traffics from within Adwhirl website

Banners are mediated from the different networks into one implementation, but Adwhirl does not consolidate payments received from these networks. So what it does is when one network fail to serve up an ad when requested from clientside, Adwhirl will switch to another network and try to request for another ad. This ensure a high ad fill rate for your app, thus maximizing revenue from ad banners.

Here’s a list of Mobile Advertising Terminologies.

Here’s Adwhirl.

And here’s a good tutorial on the code implementation of Adwhirl in a cocos2d project as mentioned above*. (It’s dated 2010, hopefully I can find a updated one soon).