A Little Update For the Winds….

Well, the development for TRG has ceased, for a good reason. I had the opportunity to demostrate a 80% completed version of the game to the owners of a game development studio, for some odd reason they had taken a liking to it and decided to buy over the project from me. So now its in their hands, and whether the game will see light of day is not exactly up to me.

Why did I say it was odd? Well honestly, I started making TRG (now its owned by someone else, I highly doubt I can share details about the game) as yet another experiment. It was for me to write some pluggable classes for using IAP as well as an attempt to further improve my UI design skills, or what little of it. Its a fun little *ahemcollectionofminigamesahem* game, would probably appeal to people who like twitchy games, but there are a bunch of such games out on the store already, mostly even more polished than what i designed. So, I was not holding much hopes for this game to have any kind of commercial value. To me this is not a game with much substance, but hey, neither do Candy Crash, so I just wanted to push it out asap and move on to developing my next game idea, i have a whole bunch of them piling up. So when I was offered a sum of money for this game, well heck, I tried negotiating a little, and settled for an agreeable price. Even their initial offer was good enough for me, to be honest, as it was sufficient to let me clear my study loans at once.

That is it for now for TRG. Moving on to develop my next game, a puzzle game, i’m calling it Singularity for now. At the same time, I finally got a long time bud of mine onboard to develop another game idea I had since even before I bought my mbp. I’m calling that Tower. For a two-man team, its a pretty big game. Requires quite a fair bit of complex art assets (at least, its veery complex for us two programmers) , relatively much data to deal with and many mechanics to code. Simply put, its a game that has heavy RPG element in it, one can imagine how much formulae and calculations will be required on the back end. I would really want this game to be a “substantial” one despite the very niche market it targets at. I am foreseeing the huge amount of time, effort and even extra funds we will be investing into developing this game, thus i definitely hope this game can catch on at least among the people who likes this genre.

On a different note, once Singularity is nearing completion I will need to start mobilising unexpect3rds fb page.

Till next time,